Collection: Limit Edition Color Prints

Color. It is how most of us see the world. And in truth, we all see color a little differently, whether it’s because of our particular color receptors, or maybe the biases that we subconsciously bring to our view of the world.

While I started my photographic journey in black and white, and indeed decided to place my black and white work foremost on this site, the fact remains that the vast majority of the commercial work I have done in my career has been captured, and delivered, via color photography.

A lot of time color can actually be the subject of the photograph. It can almost hit you over the head. Other times the colors are a small part of the scene, working with the composition to render the feeling that we are trying to convey.

In any case, there are a variety of subjects that you will find here. As I say in my Artist’s Statement, I hope to foster a deeper appreciation of the beauty and diversity of our planet. And sometimes the best avenue is color. Unlike the black and white print offering, I offer traditional color prints on archival Baryta paper, and I also offer ultraHD prints utilizing Fuji Crystal Professional Archive Maxima paper, in both Aluminum Dibond and Acrylic Dibond finishes. You can read all about this in the “About Our Prints” section. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy viewing the various images in the galleries.

Thanks for looking.