Collection: Black and White

"Black and white are the colors of photography.”- Robert Frank

Black and white images hold a special place in my heart, as they are where I
started my photographic journey. You can read the whole story on my “About
The Artist” page. And even though I have color galleries on this site as well
(the bulk of my commercial work over the past 45+ years has indeed been
delivered in color), black and white still resonates.

Having been schooled in the traditional darkroom from the age of 13, I try to
bring that sensibility to my black and white image making even in this digital

The limited edition prints I offer are similar to what we would have produced
in “the old days,” in that the modern Baryta papers we use deliver prints
basically indistinguishable from what came out of my old traditional
darkroom, and in fact are even more archival. And the prints are identical,
from one to the other. The dodging and burning, if you will, need only be
done once and then the saved file can be printed exactly the same each time.
And the control that digital capture and processing offers yields even more
dynamic images than I was ever capable of utilizing film.

To stay true to my black and white roots, the images are printed and delivered
on rich Baryta paper, with the white paper border. Should you desire, they
can be mounted on a foam core or Dibond back, either with or without those
borders. But no other finishing options are offered. I intend for your finished
print to be as true to the history of black and white photography as possible.
The prints are limited to an edition of 7 for each size (inquire if you need an
even larger custom size) and each image comes with a certificate of
authenticity showing the edition number.