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Michael Hart Fine Art

Abandoned, New Mexico

Abandoned, New Mexico

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Sharon and I had travelled to Santa Fe, New Mexico, for the wedding ceremony of some dear friends of hers, who of course were now dear friends of mine. A lovely ceremony at the famous Loretto Chapel was followed by a joyous reception.

The next day, we had lunch with an old friend who had relocated to Santa Fe from Houston, and then we decided to explore, just to see what we could see.

Along our path, we came to several “photo ops,” and this was my favorite. The brilliant New Mexico sun illuminated the cumulous clouds scattered across the sky, and of course the landscape below. Which in this case consisted of some old wooden farm/ranch structures and fencing, which were juxtaposed against the mountains sitting low across the horizon in the background.

Another image which presented itself as one just begging to be portrayed in black, and white, and shades of grey. Just begging to be printed large.

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