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Michael Hart Fine Art

Autumn Rain

Autumn Rain

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 Another image from the week in Maine, this was a scene I found in the late afternoon, as we were about to head back to the cars and beat a retreat from the rain which had just started.

But before I did, I noticed this solitary red leaf, bobbing about in the little pool formed off to the side from the moving water of the stream. The rings formed by the raindrops made a wonderful pattern surrounding the leaf, and the slight reflection of the overcast sky was tweaked a little in processing to enhance the blue that was already there, which of course contrasted with the red of the leaf.

So many times color can be the subject of a photo, and that is certainly the case in this image. But the edges of the leaf and the circular patterns of the raindrops hitting the water add the texture that I am constantly drawn to in many of my photos.  And in taking a little license in processing, I am hoping to show you what it felt like to me, more so than how it actually might have looked in reality.

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