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Michael Hart Fine Art

Before the Sale

Before the Sale

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One of the few images on the site that was originally done for an assignment, I had so many positive comments on it that I decided to add it to the collection.

Originally done for 44 Farms, in Cameron, Texas, it is a photo to advertise the upcoming sale that they were advertising. The copy said “We’re Saving A Place For You,” hence the one open seat. It’s also a great advertisement for cowboy hats!

I took all my lighting gear to the ranch, as I knew we would be setting up in their sale barn, and I had an idea what I would need, including my studio boom arm. That contraption was set up on an area just up and behind the bleachers, and I put my biggest soft box on it, extending it out over the area they would be seated in, giving me the soft light breaking down over their shoulders from above. As it turned out, it was the only light I needed, as the light bouncing back up off the bleacher seats gave me enough to fill in under their hats.

A fun shoot, and an image that works. What more can you ask for?

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