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Michael Hart Fine Art

Bruge Cyclist

Bruge Cyclist

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We were on an Abercrombie & Fitch European barge cruise. We had started in Amsterdam, and would generally cruise overnight and explore cities along the route by day. 

This day our excursion was at our terminus, the Belgian city of Bruges. I had been there the year before while having a day off from an assignment in Brussels, and found it utterly charming. It is often referred to as “The Venice Of The North.” Aside from its canals, it is known for impressive museums, historic breweries, world-class chocolatiers and Belgian lace.

We were heading back to the vessel in the early evening, and while I was looking forward to another incredible dinner created by our Belgian chef, 

I of course was fascinated by the late afternoon light.

I found this scene, and waited. It needed a person, for interest and scale. A few people came and went, but I still wasn’t satisfied. 

But then, my patience paid off. This lady came by me on her bike, and as she hit that area, where the sun hitting her created not only the shadow but outlined her against the shaded side of the building, I hit the shutter. Again, in the days of film and once again that meant my trusty Kodachrome.

The joke on board had become  “Oh, Michael is off chasing the light….”

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