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Michael Hart Fine Art

Calves at Daybreak

Calves at Daybreak

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You probably know that ranching and farming means long hours of hard work. Up before dawn, working till last light, and in the summer months that can mean 12-14 hour days.

This was taken in September, so not quite that long a day, but still it meant we were all up before dawn, the hands to get to work, me to catch the golden light as the sun came up.

This was the day of a sale, and the various heads of cattle were being rounded up and segregated into their assigned pens.

While most of the cattle were more mature, there were still a number of prized calves, complete with genetic pedigree histories, to be put up for sale.

So this young lady was gently moving a few head to their next location, her golden hair being bathed in the golden light of a Texas dawn.

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