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Camp Talk

Camp Talk

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You’ve heard of barbecue cook-offs, right? And chili cook offs, right? Have you ever heard of chuckwagon cook offs? No?  I hadn’t either, until I was commissioned to photograph one such team.

Per The American Chuck Wagon Association: “The American Chuck Wagon Association encourages participants to preserve this important part of American History through educational and competitive events that involve setting up camp, cooking using authentic Old Western tools and showing their restored or replicated chuck wagons.”

Participants are all given the same ingredients, similar to what would have been available on the trail in the old west, then their resulting meals are judged. Basically a mobile kitchen, the chuck wagon continues the history of the old west, celebrating the spirit that enabled cattlemen to master incredible hardships while moving their herds over a vast wilderness.

I spent a full day at a ranch south of Houston, documenting the team and their  dress rehearsal for a competition. I tried to mimic the authenticity of the team, with their attire and utensils being correct, down to the cast iron cookware, and the period-authentic clothes and hats.

I had a good time. And had some mighty fine eating as well!

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