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Michael Hart Fine Art

Dead Tree Detail, Yellowstone

Dead Tree Detail, Yellowstone

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It was my first time in Yellowstone. I had come up with Sharon, who was once again performing at The Grand Teton Music Festival. An experienced visitor to the area, she wanted to share some of her favorite places with me.

So we flew into Denver, and drove north to Cody, Wyoming, where we spent the night before heading down in to the park from the NE entrance, and traversing The Bear Tooth Highway. 

At one of our stops, in the area adjacent to “Old Faithful,” I encountered this lone specimen, and the composition of the gnarled, twisted pieces of wood fascinated me. As I frequently mention, I love line and texture, and here were both. In abundance. 

I can stare at this for long periods, and see something new each time. It’s fascinating to imagine all the layers corresponding to years. I’m sure someone with a lot more knowledge of this subject could tell me more about things, how to gauge the age and so forth, but for now, my fascination with guessing about it will suffice.

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