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Michael Hart Fine Art

Golden Hour Roundup

Golden Hour Roundup

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It was the afternoon of July 6th. In Texas. Meaning it was HOT. Hot and dusty. The hot part, well, I am getting to where I can do without that, but the dusty part was wonderful. Why? Because as James worked the cattle down the road, from one pasture to another, they kicked up a lot of dust, and that made for some wonderful atmospherics as the late afternoon sun blasted through the gaps in the trees to backlight both the cattle and James.

The golden tone of James’ shirt, hat, and even his horse, added to the overall warm feel of the image.

I was perched on the back bed of a pickup truck, with my camera and 300mm lens on a tripod, tracking the ensemble as they made their way down the lane.

This was my favorite image, just as James and his mount hit the patch of concrete, the road winding towards him from the lower right. Perfect.

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