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Michael Hart Fine Art

Golden Wall, France

Golden Wall, France

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I was in the midst of a 7-1/2 week assignment in Europe, photographing 13 designer outlet centers in 7 countries for McArthur Glen, Europe’s largest developer of such faci

I found myself at the one in France, right outside the city of Troyes. I stayed at a small boutique hotel the center had recommended in the center of the historic part of town, which made walking to find a restaurant for dinner a fun adventure, exploring buildings, shops and bistros that have been there for a very long time. 

The day of my departure, I had plenty of time after breakfast to have a walkabout, this time with camera bag in tow. Now, I mention a lot that I am drawn to texture, and my gosh, the side of this building had it in abundance. And the different shades of yellow, coupled with the crack winding around the window and exiting upper right, well, what a gift. The composition practically composed itself.You can almost feel the age inherent in the structure. And the shades of yellow, well, let’s just be French and say magnifique! 

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