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Michael Hart Fine Art

Graceful Flight

Graceful Flight

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In our first year together, Sharon and I went on a getaway to Washington State. She had never been, and I had only been once. We started out east of Seattle, staying in a hotel overlooking Snoqualmie Falls that had stood in for The Great Northern Hotel in the TV Show Twin Peaks. We also had a slice of cherry pie and “a damn good cup of Joe” at The Double R Diner, in actuality Twede’s Cafe. And on a drive, we came upon Roslyn, Washington. I wondered why it looked so familiar and then saw The Roslyn Cafe, with the mural on the side that revealed it was the stand-in for Cicely, Alaska in the TV show Northern Exposure!

Heading to Seattle for our final couple of days (and returning home just before a July heat wave overtook the town) we took a ferry to Bremerton and back. There is a color photo from that evening in my color gallery, and in truth, this one looks really good in color as well. But it was another that I thought worked so well when I converted to black and white. My guess was confirmed when I posted to my Facebook account, but the response caught me by surprise, it was so strong.

We were on the upper deck of the ferry, so I was actually looking down on the seagulls as they flew by. The early evening light, low to the western horizon, perfectly illuminated the bird, and that wisp of sea foam made such a prefect “gesture” in the photograph. Well, another instance of the definition of luck: When preparation meets opportunity! 

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