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Michael Hart Fine Art

Hyde Park Tree

Hyde Park Tree

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We were walking through Hyde Park in London, exploring on a beautiful early spring afternoon. I had my new Canon digital camera with me, but I also had my plastic Holga camera, a favorite of “art” photographers. Part of its appeal is the fact that it’s a bit imprecise; only two exposure settings, rangefinder viewfinder with manual focusing, and a plastic lens that tends to get fuzzy or distorted around the perimeter.. 

It was loaded with black and white film, and when I got home and developed the roll, I picked a few images that looked promising. I scanned them with my Nikon Coolscan unit, and did so in the RGB color space, creating some artifacts and crossovers that led me in the direction of this golden-hued tint.

If you look closely you can see a lone figure under the tree, laying on his back in the grass while his trusty canine companion keeps watch. Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of, well, in this case, springtime.

This image was featured in the “Trees” Exhibition at The A Smith Gallery in Johnson City, Texas in 2021

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