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Michael Hart Fine Art

Indian Cemetery, Fort Washakie, WY

Indian Cemetery, Fort Washakie, WY

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Our drive north to Jackson Hole from Denver had already yielded a couple of “keepers;” the “Wyoming Rainstorm” image and its across-the-road companion. We were heading up WY 287, closing in on the Jackson area as we drove through The Wind River Reservation.  We saw a sign directing us to the cemetery, so we decided a visit was in order.

The Fort Washakie Indian Cemetery, Fort Washakie, WY, in the Shoshone Wind River Reservation, is the burial place of Chief Washakie (1804-1900)

The blue August sky was punctuated by some puffy cumulous clouds, adding a wonderful contrast to the deep tone. The myriad headstones and white crosses poked above the grasses, and the mountains in the distance looked as if they were sending the cloud formations streaming to us. Another image that said please, render me in shades of grey so as to wring out all the drama in the scene. A great example of why Wyoming bills itself as “big sky country!”

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