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Michael Hart Fine Art

Morning Ride

Morning Ride

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We were up before dawn to catch the first light at 44 Farms, near Cameron, Texas, only to be greeted by dense fog. Well, that didn’t stop me from creating some favorite images.

As we waited for the fog to lift, there were indeed photos that presented themselves, like this one of Luke with his newly saddled horse. Of course the monochromatic nature of the foggy scene just begged for a black and white treatment. And the texture of the gravel was a perfect counterpoint to the absence of texture in the fog.

There are actually a couple of color images from this morning elsewhere on the site, including a panoramic that hangs above our bed, so while the fog created a slight postponement in the “ real work” we were slated to do, it created an opportunity for me to indeed “make lemonade out of lemons.”

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