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Michael Hart Fine Art

Quarry Wall #2

Quarry Wall #2

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I was in a fall foliage workshop in Maine, delighting in revisiting the color of that time of year that I so miss from my youth.

This particular day we were exploring an abandoned rock quarry, delighting in the visuals that presented themselves. Not the usual picture-postcard scenes of steepled churches surrounded by color. Just exercising our vision, seeing what we could “see.” It’s just the kind of thing I find myself doing when I am shooting on my own. Seeing the visual rhythm at any given moment.

This scene was a standout, and I have it in both horizontal and vertical framing. And for those who shoot digital photos, no, I didn’t just crank up the saturation, that would have been too ham fisted. The image was processed in the LAB color space, enabling me to use a straight line curve adjustment to delineate the separate tones and detail in the stone, and enhance the sense of texture.

I think it worked very well, how about you?

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