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Michael Hart Fine Art

Reeds and Water, Lochinver

Reeds and Water, Lochinver

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I was in London, one of my favorite places and one of the 40 or so times I have been there. I started out on a ‘London Walks’ tour, and I highly recommend them. Check their schedule, you can find any number of different walks that will interest you, led by knowledgeable guides.

Anyway, this particular evening, after our first pub stop, I started lagging behind as I was “seeing” images that I wanted to capture. Next thing I knew, I had lost the group. A quick search where I THOUGHT they might have gone was fruitless, so I was truly on my own and free to wander where I wanted.

I soon found myself at the south end of the Millennium Bridge, which crosses The Thames from just a few blocks away from St. Paul’s Cathedral and ends on the other side of the river in Bankside. 

I stood at the end of the bridge, and captured a number of shots as pedestrians came and went in the early eve ing twilight. This was the one that I felt worked the best, with a little distance between me and the people, leaving some space for the lines to lead into them and St.Paul’s looming in the background.

When I was done, I turned around and saw……to be continued in the “Tate Modern” gallery!

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