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Michael Hart Fine Art

Ring of Light

Ring of Light

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We had gotten up at 4 AM to drive to Acadia National park, Where we headed to the top of Cadillac Mountain, a popular spot for greeting the new day. Supposedly it’s the first place in the US to see the rising sun, due to the latitude and height.

A crisp and blustery October day, the clouds gave us fits. I did manage to get a beautiful pink and blue-hued shot of a cruise ship coming in to Bar Harbor as the wispy clouds floated overhead and underneath the big dark ones. But the sunrise was what we had hoped to get. And because of the clouds, we had to wait for the sun to rise a bit in the sky before we got a peek.

So in these instances, you take what you are handed. And all in all, this worked out fairly spectacularly. It was worth the early rise.

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