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Michael Hart Fine Art

Rush Hour on Islay

Rush Hour on Islay

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I had come to Islay (pr: eye-luh) on a self-assignment. I wanted to translate my love of Single Malt Scotch Whisky (that's how they spell it!) into visuals that could show potential clients that this Houston-based photographer could do more than oil rigs in the sunset. 

I had contacted the Lagavulin distillery, and they referred me to the "home office" in Edinburgh, who cleared me to visit and be welcomed at the distillery. While I of course spent a lot of time documenting the making of the magic elixir I also spent some time exploring the island itself, adding images for the backstory of this legendary location in the Inner Hebrides known for its peaty malt offerings. 

On this particular afternoon I had ventured down the road to see The Kidalton Cross,  a monolithic high cross in Celtic cross form in a church yard down the coast from the distillery. On my way back, I came across this view, the road running between the dry stone walls, the fields a blaze with the green grass and yellow vegetation (maybe gorse?). I had a wonderful composition, but something was lacking. I needed something for human interest, and for scale. So I stood outside the car, camera in hand, and I waited. Soon my patience was rewarded, as a young lass and her dog came walking up behind me. We nodded and smiled at each other as she walked by, and I waited a little longer. Until she approached the crest of the small hill that the road went over, and that's where I focused and hit my motor drive. 

I have always affectionately named this "Rush Hour on Islay," and it's an image that resonates with me to this day, especially when big-city life gets a little too much.

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