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Michael Hart Fine Art

San Francisco Crosswalk

San Francisco Crosswalk

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I was in San Francisco for a conference, and I had an afternoon off. So of course I did what I do when I am someplace away from home, I grabbed my camera and went to explore.

Obviously, the city is known for its hills and its cable cars, and while I do have a few images of the latter, it was this scene, with the late afternoon overcast highlighted off of the cable car tracks, that caught my eye. The graphic lines leading to the crest of the hill were strong, but  needed a figure for scale and interest. So I watched and waited, and dodged traffic, managing to shoot quite a number of frames. Cable cars, individuals, all paraded in front of the lens, albeit at quite a distance. But it was this duo, with their dog, that hit the jackpot for me. Just perfection!

This is hardly the first time that I have seen a scene, and waited and waited for just the right addition to emerge in the space (see “Rush Hour On Islay in the color gallery), and sometimes, as here, you are rewarded for your patience.

And the image was accepted in the 2021 International Spider Awards competition, as well as The New York Center for Photography’s “Patterns & Shadows” Exhibition in 2019

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