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Michael Hart Fine Art

Still Kickin'

Still Kickin'

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A Saturday morning walk through Hyde Park in London (with camera bag, of course) found me pointing the lens at any number of things. From people haranguing everyone at Speaker’s Corner, to a favorite image of a couple (well, we don’t know for sure they were a couple, but it WAS a man and a woman) engrossed in their papers on a bench, with beautiful, soft light breaking down on them from above and behind. You will find it in the color galleries.

But perhaps my favorite is this shot of an amateur group of footballers, in all manner of postures and action poses, frozen in time. The lone outstretched hand, coming in from seemingly nowhere on the left side of the frame adds to the whimsy. I like to think that Elliott Erwitt would be proud of my snap, as the Brits would call it. The morning overcast made the decision to go black and white easy.

It can be found in the book “The World’s Greatest Black and White Photography, Volume 1,” a collection from the first three years of The International Black and White Spider Awards, where it was featured in one of their first years of competition.

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