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Michael Hart Fine Art

Storm Clouds, Kyleakin

Storm Clouds, Kyleakin

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I took Sharon on her first trip to Scotland in 2013, and together we had our first taste of The Isle of Skye. We returned there on our next trip in 2017, as we had been totally captivated by the place. Both times we stayed at The White Heather, a B&B in Kyleakin, the former site of the ferry landing before the construction of the Sky Bridge, which opened in 1995. On this day, which foretold the changeable Scottish weather, I walked from the B&B a hundred feet or so to shoot some images of both Castle Moil, on the other side of the harbor, and then the gathering clouds out over Loch Alsh.

While there was precipitation far off in the distance, the area directly in front of me was a mix of clouds and sunlight breaking through the clouds, illuminating patches of land and water.

Once back home, in front of the computer, the drama of the clouds, with their  tones from almost total white to nearly black, dictated that this was another image that would work best in black and white. At a recent showing I had a collector ask if it wouldn’t be better without the small boat lower left center. 

I said I thought it worked great, both for scale, and for including a human element in the scene. I assured him that had I thought otherwise, it would not be there. After all, I’m not a photojournalist.

And this is another image that illustrates a great quote, the time that a 15-year old Steven Spielberg met legendary film director John Ford. Ford told him When you can come to the conclusion that putting the horizon on the bottom of the frame or the top of the frame is a lot better than putting the horizon in the middle of the frame, then you may someday make a good picture-maker. Now get out of here!”

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