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Michael Hart Fine Art

Sunset at 44 Farms

Sunset at 44 Farms

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I got to 44 Farms around noon on this crisp March day, and we had an afternoon of shooting in preparation for the Spring Sale to be held the next day. On my way in from a far pasture, I admired how the high cirrus of the afternoon and given way to the clouds low on the western horizon, now bathed in the reds and oranges of a Texas sunset.

I pulled over, and got out and grabbed the camera. The lone tree, still bare from the winter, stood out against the western sky. The limbs of the tree, the branches getting smaller and smaller as they get farther from the trunk, have always reminded me of diagrams of the human nervous and circulatory system.

Yeah, I’m weird. But there ya go….

Sunsets always seem to be calming, and this one has been popular.

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