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Michael Hart Fine Art

The Calm

The Calm

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If you have already visited “Sunset Sail” and read about it, you have the background story, but if you haven’t…..

I was doing a drone shoot for the new web site for my friend Christopher Curran and his sailboat, Adelaide. We had done some onboard and dockside things the previous month with models, and had just gone through the deadly freeze of 2021 the week before. We were down on Galveston Bay, me on a dock flying the drone, Chris and his crew member taking Adelaide back and forth out on the bay while we directed their movements with walkie-talkies.

Now, I realize “The Calm,” and the prospect of it being so still is not what you normally want for a sailboat. But there was just enough wind to gently propel them. And the bay, well, I have NEVER seen it this calm and smooth.

And that calm surface meant the water reflected the blue of the Texas sky, which negated the normal green of the bay water.

So there you have it. One week Mother Nature was trying to kill us (and actually did indeed take some lives, tragically), and the next, she gave us this.

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