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Michael Hart Fine Art

The Race

The Race

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Well, I don’t know if they really were racing, but it looks like it.

I was on the coast of Massachusetts, near Gloucester, on a beautiful October evening. We had been on a boat out whale watching, and now, as sunset approached, I took a position along the shore in the hopes of finding something interesting.

I was shooting to the southeast, catching the red glow of the sun painting some houses on the horizon, when I turned to my left and saw this little boat, screaming along pretty quickly. I clicked a frame. And then I saw the formation of birds come into frame from the left, seemingly in the same plane of distance from me as the boat. As if they were leading him, teasing him to try and catch up. Five shots, that’s all I got. And it was the third that was the keeper, as the birds on the right side of the frame balanced the boat on the left. And wouldn’t you know it, he had a red top on, which just amplified the warmth of the setting sun and set him visually ablaze.

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