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Michael Hart Fine Art

The Sentinel

The Sentinel

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Moving around the abandoned quarry in Maine, looking for possible images. It was almost a physical meditation, with the quiet banks full of color surrounding us, the glassy smooth water showing not the slights disturbance, and the cool autumn air keeping things comfortable.

I had “found” Quarry Wall 1 & 2 across the water in one direction, and as I moved back around to my right, seeing the beautiful colors and textures on the far bank, my gaze came upon this one rock right in front of me. Its fantastic pointed top looking almost like a sail or dorsal fin, or a strange conning tower on the submerged base. Peeking above the surface to see what these trespassers were up to.

After looking, and then photographing, I decided that was its job, to be the sentinel for the rest of the rocks submerged below the surface, to keep an eye out and report back with any news.  

I hope it found our visit as calming as I did.

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