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Michael Hart Fine Art

Thunderstorm, Wyoming

Thunderstorm, Wyoming

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On that first trip to Jackson Hole with Sharon, one of her first gigs (did I mention she is a world class vocalist? Carnegie and Royal Albert Halls, etc., I could go on and on) was with the orchestra at The Amangani, a luxury hotel and ski resort in Jackson Hole, with breath-taking views in the foothills of Grand Teton National Park.

I was on the balcony, with floor-to-ceiling windows right behind me affording me a view of the band, who were set up right in front of them, and of course I could hear them playing as well.

But when we first arrived, I saw the gathering storm, and went back to the car to get my camera bag and tripod. It was to be a wise choice, as the storms were moving in from the west, right over the Grand Tetons that were right in front of me. 

I stayed dry, as all the action, so to speak was a good distance away. It was still twilight, so there was definition in the clouds and I started making exposures, and as I kept the ISO at 100, the exposure was 30 seconds at f 5.6. That helped with keeping the noise level low, and allowing me to get the nice tracks of car lights on the road.

The image was part of “The Contemporary Landscape 2023” at The Southeast Center For Photography in Greenville, SC.

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