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Michael Hart Fine Art

Traces #1

Traces #1

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This is one of a series of 5 images that I thought went together well. They were all taken along the coast of Maine, ostensibly during a fall foliage workshop. As luck would have it, the weather was mostly overcast, and sometimes a little wet. Still, I captured hundreds of images, and some of them worked very well in color, as you can see in the color galleries.

But during the pandemic lockdown, unable to really get out and shoot, I started perusing a lot of my files, looking for inspiration. And I started to “see” in black and white with a number of them, including this series.

As I frequently mention, I am a big fan of texture, line and form; one of the reasons I love European cities is the amount of texture there is to see. Take a look at my Zurich series for confirmation.

At any rate, I think these 5 work well together. See if you agree.

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