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Michael Hart Fine Art

Wyoming Rainstorm

Wyoming Rainstorm

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It was a late August afternoon as we drove along  HW 789/287 between Rawlins and Lander, Wyoming. We were on our way to Jackson, Wyoming as Sharon was again performing at The Grand Teton Music Festival.

As we hit an open stretch of road I glanced to my left and saw this wonderful scene unfolding before me. The dark, water laden clouds had openings through which the late afternoon sun was backlighting the virga, or wisps of precipitation, that were drifting down out of those clouds. I quickly pulled over and grabbed the camera, and while I got several usable images, this was my favorite. And while the image was passable in color, the conversion to black and white really conveyed the drama of the scene more spectacularly.

This was what I saw looking west; if you would like to see what was on the opposite side of the road, simply go to “Summer Clouds, Wyoming” for a peek. Two images from on vantage point! How wonderful!

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