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Michael Hart Fine Art

Zurich Series #2

Zurich Series #2

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 I had walked down several streets, veering away from the river, and into the old part of town. I had exposed 3/4-roll of film, but it contained nothing that excited me.

Then I rounded a corner, and saw down ahead of me where the street dead ended into a church. A beautiful stone facade wrapped around the entry, with its two heavy wood doors below a gentle point at the top of the arch. Another lamppost, set on the brick covered ground and behind the stone stanchions with their gracefully draped chain made a counterpoint on the left side of the frame. All juxtaposed against the minimal texture of the white facade of the structure itself.

Just as I grabbed the camera to frame the scene, two men came from the right at a diagonal from right to left. I clicked, but I knew it wasn’t the best shot I could hope for. 

And then, a white haired lady entered the scene from the right, walking right to left immediately in front of the church, behind the chain. As I hit the shutter release for the first frame, she looked to her left, fixated on something to my left. In just the right spot of the composition. I got two more frames, but she was now behind the stone stanchion, too far left in the frame. Three frames of her, that’s all I got. And a full roll later, shooting verticals that really didn’t work as well, I left. 

I felt confident that the first frame of her would be the best. I was right.

And it was.

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