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Michael Hart Fine Art

Zurich Series #3

Zurich Series #3

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OK, now I was happy. I was seeing every scene as if I was color blind, looking for images that were going to work in black and white.

As I came around a corner, I was presented with this line of tables. 

The cold February day had not stopped the cafe from giving potential customers the option of enjoying their refreshments outdoors. And, indeed, at least one gentleman had chosen to do so. Coffee cup close at hand, coat collar pulled up against the cool air, hair swept back stylishly, he was perusing the paper, oblivious to the American peering at him around a small tree in a planter.

I put the camera to my eye, and hit the shutter button. 9 frames in just a few seconds and I was done. And without ever being acknowledged by my subject.

When I got home and inspected the developed film, it turned out the first frame was the best. 

But for now, I had more of Zurich to explore.

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