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Michael Hart Fine Art

Zurich Series #5

Zurich Series #5

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The afternoon was heading towards evening, and I was starting to point my feet in the direction of my hotel. But I was still in the older part of town, and as I started up a cobblestoned street, it suddenly rose in front of me, dwellings on either side, and the ubiquitous street lamps this time attached to the buildings rather than on posts.

As I frequently do, I waited. I waited for a human figure, to be a focal point, to give some scale to the scene, and to add some humanity to the cold grey facade.

It didn’t take long. He came by me and we exchanged smiles, and I waited a little longer. Long enough for him to reach the apex of the hill, his dark silhouette seeming to be pointed to by the street and the building.

Down went the shutter button, the motor drive whirred, and 11 exposures later I had my shot. 

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