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Michael Hart Fine Art

Zurich Series #6

Zurich Series #6

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Now I really was heading “home,” to my hotel in the modern center of the city. Leaving behind the older part of town, I found myself crossing The River Limmat on the very same bridge that started my photographic odyssey that day. As I walked, I came across a woman on one of the benches placed along the bridge.

Was she simply having a rest? Or just enjoying the view across to another mist enshrouded bridge, right before the river empties in to the Zürichsee.

As she put her right leg up on her left knee, I put a wider angle lens on the camera, and stepped back to the opposite stone railing. Her position on the bench was perfect, her head outlined against an arch on the bridge in the distance. 9 frames exposed. The 7th turned out to be the winner.

By now, I was thinking of dinner.

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