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Michael Hart Fine Art

Zurich Series #7

Zurich Series #7

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By now I was feeling the weight of the camera bag I had been hauling  around all day. But I knew my hotel was not that far away. 

As I consulted my map, I made a left turn onto a major street, full of shops.

Two gentlemen passed by me going the other way, and the one who was obviously Japanese was saying “Everything is so expensive here!” Ha!

Crossing to the next block, I turned to my left to see these two older ladies, looking in the window of a very upscale jewelry store. Were they simply admiring the pieces? Or maybe wishing for their husbands to think of something for them? Or even contemplating a gift they could get for someone?  

Well, we can make up whatever story we want, as we will never know the real one. But that’s part of the fun of ‘people watching,’ and in this case, ‘recording.’ 

A few minutes later I was offloading my camera bag, and heading to a recommended restaurant for wiener schnitzel and rosti, knowing that my Zurich adventure was about to come to an end.

At least I had souvenirs of my own making to bring back home.

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