Collection: A Black and White World

 Maybe a better title would be “The World in Black and White?” I’m not sure.

Suffice it to say that my lifetime in photography began with black and white images, first in a couple of Kodak Brownie cameras, then into more professional equipment once I was taken into the junior high school darkroom, where I first witnessed the magic. The magic that would pretty much consume me and set me on my course in life.

Yes, there was a musical sidetrack, but the passion for photography has been my companion for over 60 years.

There are a couple of sub-galleries under the overall B&W umbrella, but this is a good place to start. A gallery full of images from various locations, and in various viewpoints. And it will be a living entity, in that I will be adding to it as I generate new images. So I hope you will come back and visit often.

Meanwhile, thank you for looking.